Architecture of the Magazine

From the 9th to the 29th of May 2016 Fabio Gigone held, together with Naina Gupta, a workshop for the students of the third year of the bachelor at the Aarhus School of Architecture.

In a deluge of online and instantaneously publishing what is the role of an architectural magazine? At a time when investigation, production and disemination of content has collapsed into a singular moment, what format does a printed magazine adopt? What is the temporality of the magazine?

Historically the architectural magazine was a device that created an audience; a lens through which architecture as a discipline was explored. It revealed the culture of its time and was closely associated with its editor. It was a platform as much as a bridge between the public, practice and academics. What is the organisational structure of the magazine today? How is its content constructed?

The hypothesis of this workshop is that the magazine is an architectural project and its organisation, a form of practice. Together we would like to explore what the forms of this practice and project can be through analysis, case studies and design.


After a phase of analysis of some picked magazines the assignment for the students is a design phase looking both at the organizational diagram and layout of the magazines themselves.

The ten magazines chosen are: Abitare (ancestor: Stefano Boeri director), Volume, Daidalos, Skala, Perspecta, Domus (ancestor: Joseph Grima director), Casabella (ancestor: Vittorio Gregotti director), Architectural Review, A+U, San Rocco Magazine.

Assignment: the contract with the former editorial board has terminated and each team of students is a group chosen to be the new editorial board but they still have to convince the Corporation to back your project.

Ten mock-up of future possible issue of the ten chosen magazines have been edited. The common theme is “Competition” related to the challenge that the School of Architecture of Aarhus is facing related to its next building.

A round-table and an exhibition at the School of Architecture have been the occasion for a collective discussion of the outcome.









U67_AAA_san rocco magazine



A project by:
Fabio Gigone and Naina Gupta

Amy Tibbels, Sora Graham, Joumana Elomar, Jason Choi, Annika Karina Anderson, Katrine viksløkken, Melissa Evangelista, Julie Zingraff, Victor Munch, Helena Hampe Jensen, Jacob Hennel, Matthew Fentem, Gitte Hansen, Mathias Kanstrrup, Haris Hasanbegovic, Gergana Todorova, Simone Stellô Stelsø Lauridsen, Ida Nørgaard, Anahita Koosha, Dainella Eskildsen, Ditte juul Christiansen, Line Moesgaard, Sofie Bryder, Maria Fuglsang, Fanny Dürrfeld, Julie Velling, Sofie Pettersen, Martin Nielsen, Harry Lindsey, Pavel Pavlov, Stig Fenger, Andreas Angelo Thiis, Vilius Vizgaudis, Stephen Jørgensen, Quirin Gosslau, Allette Lærche Marcel Hansen, Maria Helena Kronborg Jensen

Guest critics at the Round Table:
Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli (socks-studio / Microcities), Jonathan Foote, Tina Nørgaard, Troels Rugbjerg

A special thanks to:
Rasmus Grønbæk Hansen for make it possible within the program of the Bachelor at School of Architecture of Aarhus

Post-production of the magazines:
U67 (Fabio Gigone, Angela Gigliotti)