U67 Moonlight Depot Basel

Moonlight is a schizophrenic process that connects two workflows in singular necessity
Moonlight is made by several projects, experienced as an uninterrupted thought
Moonlight calculates and draws but is often in delay
Moonlight collects and records, remembers everything but is not a catalogue
Moonlight is growing endless and everywhere a starting point can be found
Moonlight is in this moment and throughout all day
Moonlight belongs to you by now because you have seen it

“Moonlight” our contribution within the “Chapter #2: Patterns of Uncertainty” of the
It has been assembled from our agendas and it’s a storytelling of how we work.

The website is part of “This is work” project (exhibition, events and webpublication).
Credits (for the website):
Depot Basel (Project Management: Rebekka Kiesewetter) in collaboration with members of Fictional Collective (Aya Bentur, Zeno Franchini, Lodovica Guarnieri Heini Lehtinen, Silvia Neretti, Sophie Rzepecky, Penny Webb)
Graphic and Web Design: Baka Gabriela
Website / Code: Julian Gerke