As the first outcome of her DIS research project “The Triangle of architectural productivity” Angela Gigliotti brings to the Copenhagen Architecture Festival a site-specific installation designed by OFFICE U67 at the DIS Library. This exhibition aims to shed a light on how US and Swedish architectural production was transmitted to a Danish audience from the pages of a Danish architectural magazine, Arkitekten, immediately before the advent of neoliberalism in Denmark. The overall research scope is to focus on the cross-influences between Denmark, Sweden, and the USA and to frame the modes of architectural production under the Cold War (1947-1991) as a way to understand the implications for welfare architectural professionalism.

Commissioner: DIS – Study Abroad in Scandinavia
Curator and Research Coordinator: Angela Gigliotti
DIS Research Assistants: Meghan Timmons and Amy Suzuki (Spring 2020)
Exhibition Designer: OFFICE U67 ApS (Angela Gigliotti, Fabio Gigone)
Assistant Designers: Silvia Carrara (Fall 2019); Matilde Accademia Del Pio, Nicholas Delle Donne, Clémence Goix, Charles André, Rhitvika Bhandary (Spring 2020)
Additional Sponsor: Statens Kunstfond Rejselegat (Summer 2020)

AG: © Angela Gigliotti
FG: © Fabio Gigone
AM: © Ashley Miller